How to make Beef with Banana Roast?

Beef with Banana Roast recipe 
Beef I   KG.
Big Onion 2
Sliced Ginger 60 g
Garlic 45 g
Green chilli 30 g
Skin removed banana 400 g
Coconut oil 60 ml
Lime 1
Curry Leaves 2 sprig
Masala Items
Garam Masala 40 g
Chilli Powder 35 g
Coriander Powder 40 g
Turmeric Powder 25 g
Method of Preparation
Clean and Wash twice the Meat. Then cut into small pieces and boil it.
Cut the banana into pieces and boil it. Then mix with banana and meat. Add turmeric powder and salt. Then heat oil in a pan. The ginger, sliced onion, green chilli, garlic and curry leaves put into the pan and add all masalas and fry well. After frying put meat and banana into the pan. Then hear nicely. Before take from heating squeeze little lime.