How to prepare Buffalo wings ?

Chicken wings Recipe
Buffalo wings recipe
Buffalo wings are a traditional dish of the American kitchen .
To prepare the wings halved at the joint. Then I clean the meat and marinated it. Depending on the recipe, the Wings before being cooked , breaded , or blotted dry. Typically, the wax wings in hot oil or deep fried . They are individually and finger food eaten or with side dishes such as French fries and Cole Slaw served. Chicken Wings are different flavors prepared by the company Kentucky Fried Chicken was the sharp variation in crunchy breading known worldwide and is therefore much with the court equated.
2kg chicken wings with a drumstick of the wing
4 teeth of garlic, crushed
Salt, oregano and black pepper pepper to taste
2 spoon ( soup ) of oil
1  cup (tea) milk

How to prepare
In a bowl, season the wings with the garlic, salt, oregano, black pepper kingdom, oil and milk
Mix well and let stand for 4 hours to get the seasoning
Skewer the wings in bamboo skewers or metal, starting with the drumstick and ending at the tip of the wing so that they are open and stretched
Bring to the barbecue grill and cook for 10 minutes each side or until golden
Remove and serve