How to maintain good health ?

Good Health
Health has now become one of the major concerns in the human life. So I 
would suggest some easiest ways to maintain good health. 

• Reduce all stresses 
• Sleep Well. Proper sleep helps our body function better. 
• Eat right. Eat at least vegetables and fruits each and every day. 
• Good Exercise. Exercise is the main part of good health 
• Do good things 
• Laugh more. Laughing is main therapy of good health 
• Get Sunshine. It provides Vitamin C 
• Clean your body daily 
• Drink more. If you drink more water, a lot of advantages: That is 
(Reduce the risk of infection and disease, Get good healthy skin, 
Flush the toxins, Reduce the risk of heart attack, lube muscles and 
joints, , Build more muscle. Burn more fat, Regulate the body