How to reduce hair lose through Ayurveda ?

According to Ayurveda, body type and balance of the mind-body constitution are important factors in determining hair loss. Individuals having excess Pitta dosha face problems of hair loss and early graying of hair. 
The Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss combines , Massage with Oil, herbal treatment, Diet Balance , yoga and meditation. The causes of Hair loss is: 

·        Non-Balance of Hormone 

·        Poor Diet 

·        Anxiety of mind 

·        Tension 

·        Exposure to a lot of cosmetics 

·        Mental Stress 

Some Ayurvedic remedies are given below:- 

·        The regular massage of the scalp with mustard oil or cocunut oil. 

·        Rince the hair with neem leaves water (Boiled) to stop balding. 

·        Avoid of harmful chemicals as well as use natural soaps or hair cleaners 

·        Regualar massage egg yolk and honey on your scalp. Then rinse after one hour. 

·        Drink a lot of water (2 Litre) 

·        For hair washing, use Shikakai or Amla . 

·        Drink a mixture of spinach and lettuce juice 

·        Hair wash with a paste of cooked Fenugreek and Black Beans 4 times a week 
Theses treatments do with the consultation of an Ayurvedic Doctor.