What is Bharatanatyam?

Bharatanatyam is one of the eight classical dance styles in India . They all follow the basic rules laid down by Bharata. The Bharatanatyam has in Tamil Nadu developed and is maintained there is still special. He can only be traced back 200 years, yet it is based on the ancient Indian traditions in literature and art. Since the 1930s, he experienced through the work of Rukmini Devi Arundale a renaissance. The Bharata Natyam is a South Indian traditional dance form. There are countless dances most of which are individual dances. However there are group dances such as the Kaavadi. The Bharata Natyam is based on the aspects of bhava (expression), raga (melody), tala (rhythm) andNatyam (dance and drama). The repertoire of Bharatanatyam owes its present form is essentially four famous musicians and dance masters from Thanjavur (Tanjore), South India, the 18th Century (Tanjore Quartet). It includes abstract and narrative dance in a certain order. The content of the dance comes from the Hindu mythology, literature and philosophy of religion. The music, dancing, the after, the South IndianCarnatic music . The Bharatanatyam dance is made up of two elements: the abstract, purely rhythmic dance (nritta) and the narrative, performing dance (Nritya, abhinaya).                                             
In Nritta, the purely rhythmic dance, the movements according to the rhythm (tala) and melody mode (raga) of a piece of music running the. InNritya, the narrative or representational dance) will be performing postures and facial expressions (Abhinaya used to display the lyrics of a song and interpret. The stance of the dancer is in an interior turned feet, knees bent and upper body straight. The fuselage remains straight during the dance. The rhythmic footwork, elaborate mime and the delicate hand positions make up the overall impression of the Bharatanatyam dance. An example of a compound of the Hindu tradition with Christian traditions of dance performances are the Father of Indian Jesuits , the elementsof traditional meditative dances like the Bharatanatyam from Hinduism as a kind of prayer to God understands.

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