What is Odissi?

Odissi is a traditional Indian dance . It is one of the seven leading Indian classical dance forms. The pictures of this dance (sculpture) go back to the first Century BC A famous example is the temple sculptures at the Surya temple in Konark .
Odissi was originally a temple dance , by the Mahari ( s ) in the temples of Orissa was dancing. Later this form of dance performance came from the temples to the royal courts and then "on the streets" to the people, where it was performed by women dressed as men. The present form of the performance of Odissi is the product of the revival of the dance in the 20th Century from the study of stone sculptures and writings. The dance is now celebrated by women and men. Odissi is characterized by fluid movements, statuesque poses, aesthetic beauty and grace from. The revival as an active dance and its dissemination by newly established dance schools in particular Kelucharan Mohapatra (1926-2004) ( en , the master of modern Odissi, due). Well-known dancers (no rating of importance) are / were: Sanjukta Panigrahi (1944-1997), Kumkum Mohanty, Sonal Mansingh, Protima Bedi (1949-1998), Nandini Ghosal and Sharmila Biswas.

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