What is Gaudiya Nritya ?

Gaudiya Nritya is one of the Bengali classical dances of India. It is a composite art form. That means Gaudiya Nritya is a unique combination of music, history, poetry, literature, drama and rhythm. Originating in the 

Western India (Aur, West Bengal State). Moreover Gaudiya Nritya enriched with colour, drama, poetry, music and rhythm. The word of ´Gaudiya` means old Bengaland ´Nritya` means Dance. The Gauriya Nirtya form can trace its roots, back to Natyashatra, in which 4 Pravrittis are mentioned: 
Audramagadhi, Dakshinatya, Punchali and Avanti. In the time of British Colonism, all these traditional forms of Gaudiya Nritya declained. In the twenteenth century the traditions of Gauriya Nritya were revived and it 
was developed from the tradition of Audramagadhi. This dance has elements of Kirtan (The Devotional aspects), Chhau (The Heroic Dance), Kushan (The depicting stories of Kush and Lav), and Nachni (The aspects of the Shringara-Rasa). Currently one study centre of Gaudiya Nritya is running under University of Rabindra Bharati. The work of Dr. Mukherjee’s more appreciated. He is the Head of the Dance Department at University of Rabindra Bharati. Gaudiya Nritya anciently, was a temple art. But now its 
classical dance of India especially West-Bengal.