Biography of Vinoba Bhave

Vinoba Bhave was born on 11th September 1895 in Gagode, Maharashtra state, India, into a wealthy Brahmin family . His mother was Rukmini Devi. He was the eldest of five children and had a sister. His three brothers died from a young. At the age of 10 he is said to have decided to live a holy life and to remain unmarried. He attended college in Gagode and should be in Bombay to study Engineering. He broke away from the family home but as a student. In addition to English and French, he spoke eight Indian languages. Than 46 years, he began to learn Arabic. He was a life steeped in Hindu ideals and drew its moral principles from the Bhagavad-Gita. In 1916 he heard of Gandhi. In Kochrab Ashram in Ahmedabad, he met on 7 June 1916 Gandhi. Following the successful Champaran campaign he finally came to the national independent movement awareness. In 1923 he was first in Nagda , then in Akola imprisoned He was arrested in 1932 and again in Dhulia and six months in prison. On 23 December 1932, he moved to Nalwadi (about 3 km from Wardha), where he tried his spinning to entertain only. Vinoba went there back again and again, his Sabarmati ashram developed around it.
Only in 1951 he came out of retirement and devoted himself to the land redistribution as part of his Bhoodan movement. Overall, he is said to have traveled 60000 km walk through India. After the Sarvodaya conference in Rajgir, he turned his back to the ashramThe last years of his life he spent in Paunar. On 8 November 1982, he suffered a heart attack and died on 15 of the month.