What is Theyyam?

Theyyam is a ritual dance originated from the North part of Kerala, South India. It is a dance form or performance in Kerala. Theyyam performed primarily in northern areas of Kerala. Theyyam is commonly performed by the artists of Vannan community in Northern Kerala. But the Patrons of Theyyam is Thiyya community and Nambiars who were the landlords of ancient Northern Kerala. It is organised in summer months of year in Northern Kerala. The performers of Theyyam dress up with loud clothing and with ceremonial facial paints. There are different types of Theyyam. That is Karimanal, Peruvamba, Eroth, Kizhakkeveettil, Kaitha, Madayil, Pethalan, Pullon, Chooliyar, Kodoth, Olassa Poomala, Astamachal, Nagacherry, Meethale, Oyola, Padaveeran, Padarkulangara, Puliyur Kali, Pullikarim Kali, Pulikandan, Marapuli, Kandapuli, Pulimaruthan, Karinthiri , Puthiya , Kuttikol Thamburatti , Elayor Theyyam, Muthur Theyyam, Vannathan Theyyam, Chuzhali Theyyam, Kannangat Theyyam, Kodoth Theyyam, Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam, Moovalamkuzhi Theyyam, Palot Theyyam, Dandinganath Theyyam, Padarkulangara Theyyam, Padamadakki Theyyam, Manakkott Theyyam, Karim Theyyam, Muthala Theyyam , Elleduth Theyyam, Adukunnath Theyyam, Narambil Theyyam, Chembilot Theyyam, Pulichon Theyyam, Vellarangara Theyyam. Theyyam is generally performed in front of the Shrines of village.