Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an important reformer of Hinduism and the founder of the Brahmo Samaj . He was also the Bengali writer , journalist and fighter against social injustices. Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22 1772 in Radhanagar , Bengal, into a Brahmin family, in a village in Bengal district of Murshidabad . He studied in Varanasi Sanskrit and English. From 1803 to 1814 he was a tax official in the British service with the East India Company and became its manager in the English literature, introduced by. After 1814 he lived on his fortune and devoted himself to the study of religious and social problems. By continually reading English newspapers, he remained in contact with the events in Europe. As an ambassador of the Mughal emperor in 1831 he made a trip to England and shortly before this with the title of Raja equipped. His mission was successful, but he died in England in 1833 of an illness. Ram Mohan Roy wrote several works in which he, the image-worship , the caste system , the child marriage , the general superstition , and the burning of widows fought. As models for India, he envisioned the liberal democracy of England and a modernized educational system. He was also the first who published a magazine in an Indian language. In his efforts towards 1829 in British India widow burning prohibited by law. When Roy in 1815, after Kolkata came, he began to take a break from the practice of pure Sanskrit schools and study only the Vedic text traditions to work for. Roy founded in 1814, the first-Atmiya Sabha, an association which met to read and discuss texts and the number of wealthy and influential men belonged to Kolkata.1828 Ram Mohan Roy founded the Brahmo Samaj. He died at Stapleton (North east of Bristol), on 27 September, 1833. He was buried in Arnos Vale Cemetery in southern Bristol.