How to control overweight through Ayurveda?

According Ayurveda, the overweight and underweight are signs that the vata, pitta, and kapha systems are out of balance. The ayurvedic remadies of overwieight is mainly to avoid fatty foods. If you want to loss your overweight, there are three facts (basic) that should be kept in our mind. That three factors are: Avoiding the causes of weight gain, Controlling eating habits, Regular exercise. Here we describe some food menus. These menus helps to us to increase the weight loss. Morning100Gm Lemon with honey juice.After 2 hour a cup of milk(Skimmed) and Mung Bean sports. After one hour, one glass pineapple juice. Lunch Salad of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, Beetroot, cabbage. Boiled vegetables and Wheat Indian bread and one glass butter milk. Evening One lemon tea or Fresh wegitable soup. Dinner Grain bread and steamed vegitalbes. Other food tipsThroughout the day, sip hot water To drink ginger tea three times per day. Increase usage of fresh vegetables and fruits.To avoid in take of too much sugar and salt.Cook with masalas like tumeric, cayenne, rock salt, black pepper and ginger.