The Avial Recipe


1. Elephant yam 1000 gm
Raw banana 2
Drumstick 4
Cucumber 1000 gm
Carrot 200 gm
Snake gourd 100 gm 
2. Coconut ½ cup
Shallot 4
Green chilly 2
Chilly powder 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon
Cumin powder ¼ teaspoon
3. Salt As required
4. Curry leaves 4 stem
5. Curd 4 tablespoon
6. Coconut oil 2 tablespoon

Procedure of Preparation

Firstly, wash all the vegetables then cut into 2 inch long pieces. 
Then add required water and then salt and then cook.
Then grind ingredients 2 coarsely. 
Then add this to cooked vegetables.
When the cooked properly , then add curd and then curry leaves and then mix well. 
Then add coconut oil and then remove from fire.