New Mobile VOIP application for Betama Products

New new Mobile VOIP application from Betamax, You can dial worldwide from your mobile with much cheaper cost. You can dial national calls as well, if the VOIP call cost are lesser than your mobile provider cost. i.e) You can make VOIP calls without using Mobile phone minutes.
Currently Mobile VOIP will be supported in smart phones like Apple i-phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and Windows Mobile.

If you are using any of the below VOIP Products -
smartvoip, Nonoh, poivy, 12voip, voipcheap, DialNow, powervoip, JustVoip, voipgain, voipbuster, voipwise, webcalldirect:

You can  download the Mobile VOIP application from respective URLs as below: (or you can register for SMS with Download Link)

If you are calling your free destinations, it is absolutely free. (i.e you can cut down your connection charges as well). MobileVOIP uses Wifi, 3G, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS - you can select which method when starting the application.

Smartvoip Mobile VOIP 
Nonoh Mobile VOIP
Poivy  Mobile VOIP
12voip Mobile VOIP
Voipcheap Mobile VOIP
DialNow Mobile VOIP 
Powervoip Mobile VOIP
JustVoip Mobile VOIP
Voipgain Mobile VOIP
Voipbuster Mobile VOIP
Voipwise Mobile VOIP
Webcalldirect Mobile VOIP