How to create Windows Vista Recovery Disk

Before creating disk consider this points.Consider creating a partition on your hard drive specifically for Windows Vista recovery.Always download the latest drivers for your hardware and software prior to creating a recovery diskKeep Windows Vista installation disk with you.Step OneStart Windows Vista and log on to the administrator account. This will make it easier to get access to all of your most important files.Step TwoPlace a blank CD-R or DVD-R into the appropriate optical drive. There is no need to format this disk.Step ThreeConsider creating a folder on your desktop in which to place all of your most important files. This will make it easier to create a simple recovery disk later.Step FourCopy important files from their current locations to either the temporary folder you created, or simply right-click on them and select the "Send to" option followed by the drive letter of the optical drive. This will automatically spool the file to be prepped for writing to the disk.Step FiveBurn all of the files you wish to keep for later recovery to the optical drive. This will not only allow you to install the files to the drive when you need to perform a system recovery, but it will also permit you to avoid formatting the hard drive.Before doing this you should have basic windows vista technical knowledgeSource:-