IE7 Short Keys and tricks

To launch an item in quick launch hit "Win+Item Number" e.g. if Internet Explorer is the third item in quick launch hit "Win+3" to launch it.

To open a new tab in IE7 use "Ctrl+N"

To switch beetween tabs in IE7 use "Ctrl+Tab"

To close an active tab in IE7 use "Ctrl+W"

To open a hyperlink in new tab press and hold "Ctrl" while clicking on the hyperlink. OR Use the Middle mouse button.

To Zoom in a page use "Ctrl + (plus)"

To Zoom out a page use "Ctrl - (minus)"

To view IE7 window in FullScreen mode use "F11"

The menu bar is not displayed in IE7 by default to view the menu bar press "Alt". To permenantly display the menubar right click on the empty space beetween tabs and toolbar and then select "Menu Bar."

Windows Live search is the Default search engine for IE7 to add additional search engines and to change the default search engine, click the dropdown type arrow in the search bok and select "Find More Providers" or "Change Search Defaults